Role of Women Playing in the World

Role of women playing in the world

In every culture and society women play a very important role in their respective societies. It is seen that women in most societies play a greater role in their respective societies than their men. In this article, let us discuss some of the roles that are played by women in different societies and cultures.

The first role that women plays in almost all cultures and societies is that of wife, mother, homemaker, housekeeper and the like. Women in all societies respect themselves as wives and try to do their best as they play a very vital role in their respective societies.

The second role that women play in the society is that of mothers and women play their role well. Women try to provide better education for their children, raise their children well and educate them for future. In this context, it is seen that many of the people are able to get admission in higher educational institutions.

The third role that women play is to take care of their husbands and take care of their children. They also take care of their relatives and try to give them a good life. The last but not the least, women also try to provide their husbands with a happy marriage and try to give birth to a son or daughter.

In all these cases, the woman plays the same roles as she does in her own family. Women are always known to do their job well and also try to help their husbands and children and try to educate their children well. However, these jobs do not come easy for the women, especially in the developed countries.

We can see that in the developed countries there are many roles that women play and most of these roles are not visible to the society. As the countries are becoming more developed, it is seen that women have less role to play in their societies. However, this situation is not true in all the countries, but it is seen that women are always respected and are always seen as important part of their societies. Moreover, in the developed countries, women are able to have more education as compared to the women of the developing countries.

However, the major difference between the roles of men and women is that men play all the roles but they cannot give their best in any of the jobs. Therefore, it is seen that while men are busy playing different roles, women are always playing the same roles and are given best education in their societies.

If we analyze this situation in a logical manner, we can see that when a man fails in one of his roles he always tries to give his best and try to give a better education to his children. On the other hand, women try to do their job well without trying to do anything at all, but the results are not good.


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