The Facebook Audience Network App Makes It Easy to Measure Advertising Success

What is the Facebook Audience Network? The Facebook Audience Network is simply an advertising network, which enables businesses to market their offerings and services via thousands of websites and mobile applications whose publishers often offer ad space as a way of monetisation. It works like this: when someone performs a search on any one of the Facebook search tools, or visits any one of the sites linked from Facebook's main pages, they are exposed to the advertisements displayed on these pages.

Each time one clicks on a particular ad, the advertiser pays the website or application owner a designated fee (called the 'bid') for running that ad.

Facebook audience network

The way that this works is that Facebook is always experimenting with new ways to make browsing more fun, exciting, and useful for its users - and one of the ways it does this is by offering the popular 'Like' feature. Whenever a user 'likes', an advertisement, a cookie is set in their computer's system which remains there until they remove it or click away from the page where the ad originally showed up. This cookie has a link back to the advertiser's website, and the website owner can track visitors to their site, especially to native ads that they have chosen to display. They can then target these visitors by age, gender, and interest groups to better serve their advertisers and generate sales. They can also take this information and apply it to selling more targeted advertising to the people who are most likely to be interested in the kind of goods or services that the advertiser is offering.

The Facebook Audience Network provides the opportunity for Facebook advertisers to gather much more detailed targeting data about their potential customers than was previously available.

This information includes demographics, interests, browsing habits, and interests, and geographic location. Combined with the information Facebook has already collected about its users, advertisers can now fine-tune their ad campaigns to reach more potential customers. This is especially helpful to small businesses that want to run more cost effective ad campaigns.

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