How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Being A Successful Affiliate Is Not Impossible Č When we start a new job, we all dream of how we will be paid.  Or when we open our own business, we want to know what perks to give our employees.  Generally speaking, a good standard of living is whatever you make above the IRS revenue maximum that they will pay, plus about 15% of their "vdollars" versus your deductedibles.

But what about operating your affiliate business from home?  Or better yet, what about not operating your affiliate business at all?  Granted, the door is wide open for you to make phenomenal profits in any market, but you have some expenses you have to pay, like vehicle registration, product purchases, energy costs, and communication expenses.

Maybe you don't have any of these expenses.  But even if you don't, you still may want to operate your affiliate business from home.  There are several options.

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·You can still do affiliate marketing in yourJV

After all, one of the best ways that you can promote a product is by personally recommending it to people.

· You can still do affiliate marketing without aJV

You can still refer people to affiliate offers that you register to be affiliates of, but these are far, far less likely to yield any significant profits.  Perhaps you can get people to register to be your affiliates, but this strategy will not guarantee you any steady income.  Perhaps affiliates of the site where you are promoting the product are not making any sales.  Perhaps you don't have any products to affiliate with.  Perhaps you don't even know how to do affiliate marketing.

The point is, there are ways to operate your affiliate business without aJV.  And, it is possible to do so without even knowing how to do affiliate marketing.   But, the reality is that you are limited in how much money you can make without aJV.

Why You Need AJV

When you start to become successful as an affiliate marketer, you will likely run into the JV circle.  In fact, you will likely end up selling products to people you don't even know.  You must be wary of doing this, of course.  You don't want to cross the line into outright selling, even if it is on a site of yours.

The point is that you must have some tricks up your sleeve.  At some point, you will need to try to sell to some of these people.  More than likely, you will need to try to become an affiliate of the company that you are trying to promote.

Why You Cannot Just Be An Affiliate

First, you cannot just become an affiliate and hope that people will buy it.  Of course, common sense says that in order to make sales, you have to promote the product.  However, in our highly competitive society, this may not always be possible.  The internet is a huge place, and it is possible that you will not be able to compete with the BIG boys (the main four are Google, Yahoo, MSN).

Also, in our highly technophobe society, do-it-yourself users have long since graduated to using the computer.  And even if your guide was printed in Useriverse, it is no longer cutting edge.  Compogging, social networking, video, and many more are all coming to the fore.

The point is, you have to think like your customers.  They are going to use certain tools on the web that will not work in yourJV unless you use them.  Obviously you have to make the keywords more catchy, since the more apt the person is to click on the banner or link, the better chance you have of making a sale.

And even if you are just referring people to the next great program or product, you are still not completely relying on your software and the network to sell itself.  People are always looking for a reason not to buy something and you can use this to your advantage.

Think like a customer

Think like a person who must decide on their own to purchase something from a source they trust.  After all, all of usancestors have sold you into believing you have a 100% responsibility to sell.

There's nothing wrong with perspective, but it isn't reality.  You can believe you have 100% responsibility, but if you never put yourself in the shoes of the customer, you will not make any money.

Get specific

Without getting specific, you can't target your market or ..."sell to your niche" any more.  What does a person want to buy?  Where can you find them?  Why would they buy from you?  If you can't clearly define your market, you are doomed to fail.

Forget "freebie"

Freebies are losers.

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